How to maintain air cleaner for your 2000 Ducati ST4

Air is an important element to ensure effective work of engine, especially for combustion engine. Air filter or air cleaner is the important system that keeps in-take air clean. So, now you can see how important air filter is. In this article, we will tell you how to maintain air cleaner for your 2000 Ducati ST4 .

Step 1: if you are an old hand in motorcycle world, then you should have known that there are different kinds of air filters. Before learning the knowledge of how to clean air filters for your 2000 Ducati ST4 , you should figure out what kind of air cleaner your 2000 Ducati ST4 has.

Step 2: check to see what kind of filter your 2000 Ducati ST4 has: paper filters are inexpensive and disposable. For this kind of cleaner, you just can’t clean it, and just need to replace it. In fact, if it is possible, we suggest you replace it with a new foam filter or cloth filter. Foam filters are pretty cheap when take its reusability into consideration since foam filters are cleanable. You can clean it and reuse it until it show tears or disintegrated. Compared with paper filter which does not clocking enough particulate out, foam filters are claimed for not letting enough air in especially when they are dirty. Cotton filters are more expensive. However if you maintain it properly, it will help you save money in a long term. Cotton filter has the best performance among these three filters. It will also keep your engine in good performance. Some cotton filters need specific cleaning fluid or oil.

Step 3: block air inlet with a cover to avoid dusty air enter into the engine of your 2000 Ducati ST4 and remove the filter from housing, select correct cleaning chemicals which will neither corrosive nor clogging the holes and pores. Do not wring or stretch the filter when cleaning it since they can be easily damaged. Wear a pair of gloves and then apply air filter cleaner. After this process, you need to clean your air filter with warm soap water and then put it at some place to wait it dry out. Now, just put it back into the housing of your 2000 Ducati ST4 .

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